Integrity Pledge Awareness Campaign

Many people are getting an invitation to the “Pledge Portal” of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) to take an integrity pledge.

It is a vigilance Awareness Week for the year 2021. India is observing Vigilance Awareness week from 26th October 2021 to 1st November 2021.

What is Integrity Pledge?

It is an oath-taking procedure for your honest behavior, duties, responsibility, and accountability.

It will realize you to be vigilant and commit to the highest standards of honesty and integrity at all times and support the fight against corruption.

What is the need for Integrity Pledge?

We all know and often discuss corruption and its impact. Regretting how this corruption weakened our social life, political and economic infrastructure. We can not deny the only one that corruption is the main obstacle to India’s development.

Higher the position, the higher the responsibility. We know most of the chief designated authorities need to go through a certain pledge. That is a standard procedure to hand over the responsibility towards them. Starting from Prime Minister, Governor, any kind of higher defensive authority have to go through such Integrity Pledge.

It is a process to remind the existence of honesty. It helps you stand against corruption within you. This pledge will aware of your honesty and will insist you not encourage yourself to do any corruption.

How to apply to Integrity Pledging?

Many are getting the invitation from various recognized departments and organizations with a link to participate in the awareness. If you haven’t got it yet, you can follow this link and by filling in all the details of yourself, you can go through the Integrity Pledging process.

Here you can apply directly here:

Follow these Step By Step Process To Apply Integrity Pledging

Anybody can take the pledge using a smartphone or desktop/laptop.

  1. Open the site in your browser.

Integrity Pledge Website
Integrity Pledge Website

Here you can select the button “AS A CITIZEN” if you are applying as an individual and proceed further.

2. Fill in the basic details.

Enter Basic Details – Integrity Pledge

3. Select your preferred language to understand the pledge

Selection of Language – Integrity Pledge

4. Read and Take Pledge – Integrity Pledge

Read and Take Pledge - Integrity Pledge
Read and Take Pledge – Integrity Pledge

Accept at the bottom of the pledge and proceed. It’s done. 

How To Download Integrity Pledging Certificate of Commitment?

You can download the certificate immediately, or send that to your email addres/mobile number which you have entered at the time of filling in your basic details. 

If you forgot to download the certificate right after immediately after completing the process, you can download it or get that later too. For this, you have to visit the same site and you will get the option to download or send the certificate to your email address. In both cases, you will receive OTP in your mobile number and email address which you have provided at the time of filling in your basic details. 

Final Verdict of Integrity Pledging Awareness Campaign

I support the theme of showing certificates should be for all. Especially, for all govt employees, thus automatically the corruption rate will decrease a bit. There should be a button for Govt. Employees, Polices, etc. They all have to show their certificate socially.

Although the Certification of Integrity Pledging process can not prevent corruption completely, a responsible person will certainly be inspired by it, to abstain from corrupt behavior.