WhatsApp Font Style | How To Write Bold in WhatsApp | Stop Boring Chatting! Apply Easy WhatsApp Tricks To 😱 Impress & Engage Your Friends

Have you ever wondered how to write Bold in WhatsApp? If you get bored of simple text messages on WhatsApp, you can format your text. This article will teach you how to format your text on WhatsApp.

You can spice up your text messages on WhatsApp with a variety of formatting options. It offers you the ability to use bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace formatting. You can even underline text if you want to.

Why Is It Important To Be Able to Write Bold In WhatsApp?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. And the answer is quite simple, it helps you put your point across in a clear and concise manner. Some words or points needed to be established more strongly and boldly, for which those words should be marked separately. That’s why all these styles like Bold, Underline, and Italic are important in WhatsApp.

Not only will well-written content engage and interest your readers, but it will also make them enjoy the experience and thus be more impressed with you and your content. The more they like your content, the more likely they are to share it with others.

How many varieties of formatting options are available on WhatsApp?

There are major 4 varieties available in WhatsApp to emphasize and create a significant impact on your messages. They are Bold, Italics, Monospace, and Strikethrough. Let’s go through this article and do practice immediately to memorize the process of specialization of WhatsApp Font Style.

How To Write Bold In WhatsApp?

Among the 4 styles, the most used specific font style is “Write Bold In WhatsApp.” Using bold style you can emphasize a particular portion of your chat or make that particular portion stand out in the sea of text messages or chat bubbles. To make a word or group of words Bold, you have to use the asterisk (*). Put an asterisk (*) at the start and last of the word/s which you want to make bold.

Example: If they will accept USD, we can close the deal.
Here, the important word is “USD.” It is required to be emphasized. We can make the word “USD” bold by adding an asterisk (*) at the start and end with no space. – If they will accept *USD,* we can close the deal.

How to write Bold In WhatsApp
How to write Bold In WhatsApp

This is how to write bold in WhatsApp.

How To Write Italics In WhatsApp?

To turn a specific portion of text messages or word/s into italic, you have to use underscore (_) at the start and end of the text with no space.

Italics in WhatsApp
Italics in WhatsApp

Example: If they will accept _USD_ we can close the deal.

How Tob Use Strikethrough In WhatsApp?

Strikethrough in WhatsApp
Strikethrough in WhatsApp

To strikethrough your message, place a tilde on both sides of the text:
The easiest way to strikethrough your message is to place a tilde on both sides of the text.
Example: Earlier we accepted only Euro, but now we accept USD, not ~Euro~.

How To Use Monospace In WhatsApp?

How to monospace WhatsApp text

Place three backticks on both sides of the text, to monospace your message.
Example: Let’s complete the task “`together“`.

How To Use Underline In WhatsApp?

In fact, there is no command or option available to use underline in WhatsApp for any text. However, there are some apps that will enable you to use this function on WhatsApp.

Alternative Way To Style Your Text In WhatsApp

You can also use shortcuts if you don’t know the commands.

  • Android phone: After entering your text, tap the portion you wish to format. Choose “bold” and “italic from the menu. To see the options of “strikethrough”, and “monospace”, tap on “more” (3 dots).
  • iPhone: Tap and select the word or words you wish to format when entering text. Tap on “BI U” in the menu and select “bold”, ‘italic”,’strikethrough”, or “monospace”.

How to Apply WhatsApp Font Style In WhatsApp Web

There is no special option available while using WhatsApp Web. You have to follow the simple command of using Asterisk (*), Underscore (_), Tilde (~), and Backticks (`) to turn the normal text into Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Monospace respectively.

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How to Underline In WhatsApp

By the way, specifically, there is no way to underline in WhatsApp. If the developer will implement such in future, then definitely we will update the topic “how to underline in WhatsApp”.

Other Variety Stylish Text In WhatsApp – WhatsApp Font Tricks

Besides these basic and inbuilt options in WhatsApp, there are numerous applications available in the play store. Those can be added as an extra keyboard feature in WhatsApp. Those applications will let you insert Stylish Text in WhatsApp while chatting.

Step1 Stylish Text Application for Whatsapp
Stylish Text Application for Whatsapp – WhatsApp Font Tricks

One such application is Stylish Text. It has a lot of various style options to use in WhatsApp Chat. Stylish Text can be used to convert your text into stylish text with one touch, making it easier to work with the chat app.

Apart from installing and enabling the application in WhatsApp, it is a little bit difficult to go through. Hence, follow these step-by-step installations and enable the process to use Stylish Text in WhatsApp to amaze your friends.

Step 1: Install the Stylish Text Application – WhatsApp Font Tricks

Step 2 Stylish Text in WhatsApp
Step 2 Stylish Text in WhatsApp

Step 2: Open the app and go to the setting options

Step 3: Enable the Stylish Text Keyboard option. It will open the keyboard setting. You have to turn to allow the Stylish Text Keyboard Setting.

Step 4: Click on the Switch Keyboard Setting and Select Stylish Text Keyboard. Once you have done this, you have to restart the application.

Step 5: Start chatting with friends with extraordinary font styles and make them wonder. You can switch between Basic Keyboard and Stylish Text Keyboard by sliding the space bar or opening the keyboard option while chatting.

switch Keyboad Stylish Text in WhatsApp
Switch Keyboard Stylish Text in WhatsApp

FAQ on WhatsApp Style

How to Write Bold in WhatsApp

How to write Bold In WhatsApp

Put an asterisk (*) at both sides of the word/s which you want to make bold.

How to Italic in WhatsApp

Italics in WhatsApp

To turn a specific portion of text messages or word/s into italic, you have to use underscore (_) at the start and end of the text with no space.

What colour is WhatsApp?

These are the official WhatsApp colours Teal, dark teal, light, and blue.

How to underline in WhatsApp

There is no command to use the feature of underline in WhatsApp

Conclusion: WhatsApp Font Style, How To Write Bold In WhatsApp

WhatsApp Bold Underline Italic – Final Verdict

Hope this article is helpful for those who use WhatsApp Messenger for personal use and for official work. And this process of WhatsApp font style will help them a lot to make their text valuable and impactful.