15 Types Of Social Media Jobs Are Available Online To Aspire A High Career Growth

Social media continues to become an integral aspect of our lives. Most the growing companies are integrating these platforms into their marketing and business strategies. If you are using social media you must know the basics of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the major social media platforms.

If you’re an innovative or a strategic type there will be a job for you. You need to find social media which matches your talents and passions. This article will discuss 15 different “Social Media Jobs” within social media you can aspire to.

Social Media Jobs
Types of Social Media Jobs

Social media careers let the possibility of imagining a dream world. Here you don’t have to hide your phone away when your boss passes through. Nobody will screw you for surfing Facebook every single time. Perhaps a workplace in which it’s a requirement to be on your smartphone while snapping away or scrolling Instagram in a furious manner.

Yes, such a world is there and you could be a part of it. You can earn money to help businesses succeed by promoting their services and products on social media. Let’s dive into the list of Social Media Jobs title available in the present environment.

The Basic Tasks In Social Media Jobs

Common tasks that are related to social media jobs are:

  • Producing content, e.g. video posts, text posts, and photos for social media
  • Promoting services, products, and other content on social media
  • Posts that are scheduled to be scheduled
  • Interacting with customers
  • Designing strategies and campaigns
  • The management of a budget that will be used to fund advertising and promotional posts as well as Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Examining the effectiveness of campaigns and posts
  • Ensuring consistent branding across all departments

As we’ve already mentioned that descriptions and job titles for this area tend to differ slightly from one company to another company. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular social media job titles. You’ll see those on a typical job board, and an overview of what you are likely to get from each position.

Let’s go through all the types of social media jobs.

1. Blogger in Social Media Jobs

Blogger creates engaging content that they post via social media. They write contents in which their followers have an interest. Thus bloggers are able to assist brands with improving SEO and gain more engagement with their content. Bloggers are responsible for brainstorming ideas and conducting research. Also, they are responsible for writing, editing, and, sometimes, even publishing their blog. In this position, the blogger has to be able to write in accordance with the guidelines of a brand’s style.

Earning: $13 – $14 per hour

2. Social Media Intern

If you are a beginner at writing articles or blogging, it is for you. Social media interns’ job is to master the fundamentals of social media in a corporate environment. Under the direction of the intern’s manager, the intern will be accountable for the basic tasks of social media.

The basic role is creating statuses or scheduling posts. As well as they should be looking into trends in social media. Through their work experience, they’ll learn more about the market in social media jobs. It will help them to thrive more in the social media jobs market, and to aspire to higher growth.

Earning: $10 – $12 per hour

3. Content Curators

Content curators are those who are knowledgeable about the latest trends in social media. Their job is to discover captivating content to publish on the feeds of their companies. They mostly use content curation tools or software like Google-trends. Such tools help them to locate interesting content, images, and videos to post.

It is their responsibility duties to make sure everything shared by the company is in line with the brand and appropriate for the industry.

Earning: $14 – $16 per hour

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4. Social Media Coordinator

A social media coordinator makes sure that the activities of a campaign on social media are in order. They are types of experienced social media interns.

They are responsible for planning and implementing and overseeing the social media presence of a company. They aim to boost the brand’s reputation and visibility while engaging with followers on social media. By creating a lively online presence on social networks, they will improve sales and the recognition of their brand.

Earning: $15 – $17 per hour

5. Social Media Specialist

A specialist in social media keeps up-to-date with the latest technology and trends in social media. Their job is to plan new social media initiatives and campaigns.

Their responsibilities include a variety of tasks. Creating social media posts, creating content, analyzing data, as well as scheduling posts, are their tasks. And they also take care of running ads that are paid. It is their duty to utilize social media to enhance the image of a brand’s name.

Earning: $35K – $38K per year

6. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for the entire vertical of social media within a company. They make sure that all content the brand does is consistent with its style and message.

They assign work to graphic designers and copywriters who create content for the company’s social media accounts. They manage the operation of a social media marketing campaign in accordance with the guidelines set by the brand.

Earning: $40K – $44K per year

7. Social Media Community Manager

The social media community manager will be accountable for overseeing the development and management of a company’s social media community. They could also serve as a moderator, making sure that users only post the appropriate content.

Their aim is to ensure that the community members feel they are part of the community and valued by the company.

The goal of this position is to increase trust with customers and build relationships with customers in a more intimate way. They can respond to user comments or respond to their questions.

Earning: $31K – $45K per year

8. Marketing Associates

A marketing associate is accountable for coordinating and executing a company’s marketing strategies. They could be working with many different marketing channels like mail, print, website content, and social media.

A person in this position must be able to gather market data, forecast trends, and analyze consumer behavior. They handle a lot of the day-to-day administrative tasks of a marketing department as well.

Earning: $45K – $48K per year

9. Brand Manager

Brand managers are responsible to build a brand that is based on the company’s intended market. They make sure that the messages and content produced by their marketing department are aligned with the goals, values, and style of their brand.

It is their responsibility to ensure that a brand’s integrity is maintained through all platforms. It includes email and traditional marketing, paid media as well as social media. They assist in telling their brand’s the same story in a consistent manner and ensure the same image and voice across every platform.

Earning: $65K – $70K per year

10. Digital Strategist

Digital strategists look at all of the marketing channels that a company can use and determine the best way to successfully launch a multi-channel campaign.

They usually employ pay-per-click, SEO, and social media to create an online profile for the business. They should know the consumer preferences on digital platforms. They must develop an effective digital marketing strategy to increase the sales of their goods or services.

Earning: $62K – $65K per year

11. Digital Project Manager

A digital project manager makes sure that their team is ready to deliver a project within the time frame. Assure that, the project runs in line with the budget.

They closely collaborate with clients to establish trust. Also, they guide them to make decisions and improve the reputation of their company.

They monitor the reviews on social platforms. They take care whether their customers are satisfied with the services they provide. It is their responsibility to make sure that their team is doing sufficient work, and that their customers are pleased.

Earning: $72K – $74K per year

12. Data Analyst

An analyst who collects data examines the information from social media campaigns. They evaluate whether a brand’s social media campaigns reach the target public. They analyze data, like click-through rates, impressions as well as engagement and likes.

Data analysts also utilize sales software and tools. They determine whether social media is contributing to meaningful sales for the company.

Earning: $73K – $76K per year

13. Content Strategist

A content strategist is responsible for planning every piece of content that a brand will publish. They stay on top of the latest trends in content marketing to assist them in deciding on the material to create.

They make blogs, videos, and infographics for posting on the website of the company. And as well as they also look for interesting ways to share the content via social media. They try to determine the types of content that the target audience might be interested in seeing.

Earning: $75K – $78K per year

14. Social Media Strategist

Another position you’ll find when researching the opportunities in social media jobs is Social media strategist. Social media managers are expected to manage the day-to-day operations of various websites for social media.

Social media strategists, however, are more of an eye-on view of planning, developing, and implementing. An organization’s general social media strategy is ordered to enhance and enhance the online presence of a company’s brand.

This could involve creating targeted advertising campaigns. Also, involve strategies to engage customers through social media. And even defining social media KPIs, and acquiring data from customers. As well as measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of each social media campaign.

A skilled social media strategist should be adept with tools such as HubSpot, BuzzSumo, and Google Analytics.

15. Creative Director

The creative director oversees every aspect of the creative division within an organization. They assign work to their graphic designers and copywriters. Their job is to develop marketing campaigns that are in line with the objectives of the company. They use a variety of marketing channels, such as social media. As well as the management of teams, they also meet with clients to get to know more about their needs and requirements. It is their job to ensure they produce deliverables that meet the parameters of the client.

Earning: $100K – $107K per year

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What Skills & Experience Should You Acquire To Apply For Any Types of Social Media Jobs

You’ll have to demonstrate a broad range of capabilities when applying for the first time for a job within the field of social media marketing. But, even if new to the field, you’ll see an abundance of transferable abilities on this list, which you might have used elsewhere.

Strong Communication Skills Required To Get Social Media Jobs

You’ll be at the forefront of communicating with influencers, users, as well as other brands. Hence, you must have a good grasp of communication. In addition, you’ll help define the tone and voice of your company’s image on social media. Therefore, finding out the most appropriate method for your particular audience is an essential element of your job.

Be Creative

People working in social media are more likely to be creative. That’s because finding inspiring and innovative campaigns that truly capture the attention of your followers requires some outside-the-box thinking. It’s fun to play with various ideas prior to testing which ones are the most effective to achieve your business’s objectives.

Time Management

A good understanding of time management can be an asset in this particular environment. If you are able to effectively manage your time when you are juggling the scheduling of meetings, posts, and deadlines, then the fight is already won.

A clear understanding of priorities can make this simpler. You’ll be aware of what is left to be completed at the time to finish the day and what needs to be done in the next minute!

Efficiency And Flexibility

Achieving maximum efficiency while managing many tasks is an essential aspect of this industry. It is expected that you switch swiftly between tasks, respond quickly to inquiries from customers, and manage several channels at once. This is one of the roles in which you’ll require the ability to keep your cool in situations.

Strong Analytical Skill

Analytical abilities should be the norm for the social media marketing professional. If you’re collecting and analyzing data, comparing success rates of different campaigns, or researching user behaviour and behaviour, the ability to analyze the results and gain insights from your observations will ensure your social media presence is growing stronger and draws more (and more specific) users.

Awareness And Understanding Trends

Be aware of what’s trending and how your competitors are making use of it. How their social media platforms and the way users behave can inform your strategy for social media and your planning. If you’re interested in the things that make people tick taking a position in social media can be an excellent way to tap into that curiosity and make it the basis of a successful career.

Best Places To Get All Types of Social Media Jobs

If the demand for professionals who have this particular skill set increases as the demand for this specific skill increases, you’ll see posts on social media starting to appear all over the world. We’ve compiled some reliable places to begin your search, and also to gain an understanding of the current market for jobs appears to be.

Websites Of Companies

One of the best places to begin your search for jobs in social media is with companies you already admire and like. If you’re following a business on social media and love the work they do go to their website to see what opportunities they’re advertising. If they’re not currently looking to fill a marketing or social media position, you can send them an email. Engaging in a conversation with a person who is part of the team. Showing genuine interest in the field is a good option when seeking to hire your next Social Media Marketing superstar.

LinkedIn: Best place to get intimation of all types of social media jobs opportunity

LinkedIn has seen a huge increase in recent times in relation to finding the perfect job or starting your career. It has a search feature to find new opportunities as well as alerts that will deliver jobs that are posted onto your mailbox. It’s an excellent way to connect with other experts in your field. Moreover, just having a professional profile will greatly increase the likelihood of being discovered by employers who are looking to hire candidates who have the relevant abilities and experiences.

Job boards

Utilizing a job board to search for the perfect job could be more conventional. However, these sites remain a reliable source of opportunities for new jobs.

From the well-known websites like Monster, StepStone, and Indeed and more specific startup sites such as Berlin Startup Jobs and UK Startup Jobs There are many of that these websites offer a variety of social media jobs for you to pick from.

Other websites that could aid in your search include Glassdoor. It is excellent to get a glimpse into the experience of previous employees, as well as AngelList, which is home to the largest community of startups in the world.

How To Start Social Media Career

Before you begin looking for job listings on social media. Here are some steps you can follow to gain more knowledge about the field.
Do your research!

The best way to begin your career in the field of social media is to conduct a study. One way to start this is to look for an advertising campaign you like and research how it was created. Involve yourself in some courses and studies.

Learn about digital marketing courses – Best

Digital marketing classes will instruct you on how to organize, plan, collect and analyze data in addition to teaching you the daily activities of a director.

The course will provide expert guidance in determining your performance. Also, the most effective way to utilize social media to reach the long-term goals of your company and allows you to directly ask questions to people who have succeeded in this area. A course in digital marketing will look fantastic on your resume or LinkedIn profile when you begin applying for jobs!

Develop your own online presence on social media

Exhibiting your social media skills by using your own social media accounts is a guaranteed way to impress potential employers. This is a great way to learn. Test out the strategies you’ve learned about or make use of the tools we’ve mentioned earlier (many provide a free trial period) on your personal social media accounts to gain experience in the field before you decide to do the same thing for someone else.

Initial Job Offer To Start Social Media Career Right Now

Here is a multiple opportunity source for Social Media Jobs. You may find it useful to start getting a job. Check out the details and test your eligibility.

  1. Get Paid To Use Facebook, Twitter And YouTube
  2. Paid Online Writing Jobs – Get Paid To Do Simple Writing Jobs Online

Final Verdict On About All The Types Of Social Media Jobs

This guide to social media jobs has sparked your interest to learn more about how you can make a difference in this highly-regarded sector. It doesn’t matter if you take an online marketing course. Or even advertise your own brand through social media. Even try some of the most innovative digital marketing techniques for social media. It’s a field that is sure to expand, providing excellent opportunities for those who are smart enough to make the leap.